Directory of doctors in Canada is a Canadian directory of doctors. In nearly all areas of medicine, including both general and specialized medicine such as surgery and dermatology, doctors provide the professional competence and skills in order to assist you with any of your medical needs.

Consult our detailed directory in order to find contact details (name, address, phone, e-mail) of as well as additional information on doctors in your area.

Did you know?

  • The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is the largest association of doctors in Canada, and includes more than 77,000 licensed healthcare professionals. The CMA deals on behalf of its members with the federal government in terms of regulatory and legal issues relating to the Canadian healthcare industry.
  • General practitioners (GP’s) and family physicians in Canada are licensed healthcare professionals are able to assist you with any general medical needs, such as treatment for colds, the flu or any other everyday ailment. If you are ill or unsure from what you are suffering, a general practitioner is the appropriate doctor to contact. You may then be referred to a specialist.
  • Specialists in Canada are doctors that are trained in a particular field of medicine such as dermatology, surgery or cardiology. In 2012, of the 69,699 active physicians in Canada, 35,366 were general practitioners and 34,333 were specialized in a particular branch of medicine.
  • Canada boasts one of the world’s best healthcare systems with a high level of access to doctors: as of 2010 there were 203 physicians per 100,000 Canadians.